running_to_sea_w_veilThe Tantric Journey

Tantra is the unfolding infinite and an open welcoming path for all those who dare to tread upon it.

As a sacred art muse, intimacy partner, and Shaman of Sexuality, I am devoted to the most personalized meeting and time with you, understanding your needs, your desires, your curiosities and my heart is aligned with yours in reconnecting with your erotic self.

Through expansive breathing, genuine heartfelt connection and sensual touch, Tantra provides vital tools and sacred approach to exploring our humanity while relieving stress and tensions of mind and body.

In a Tantric healing session, you may expect:

* To be entranced in a beautiful and artful healing ceremony attended by an experienced and beautiful Goddess of the Ancient Mysteries

* Learn genuine techniques for enhancing body sensitivity and developing awareness and control of your erotic life-force

* Learn techniques for sexual health, extended performance, increased confidence

* Surrender and let go of the mundane world completely, reducing stress and tension while receiving exquisite healing bodywork

* Stimulate blood flow circulation throughout your entire body and practice ancient secrets for developing and maintaining stamina

* Experience and share true passion

* Access full-body bliss

* Overcome shyness, performance anxiety, shame, guilt and fear

* Expand your ability to let-go and receive pleasure

* Open your heart, release the ego and un-clutter your mind

With grace and humbleness I am able to receive genuine seekers from all walks of life, regardless of previous Tantra experience.